Oyster API: A world of possibility

Improve productivity with custom workflows and apps. Embed Oyster into your software to open doors to global talent. Change the world of work with us.

Customize Oyster to work for your needs

Make access to worldwide talent a widespread reality. Make global employment easier and more efficient. All with the Oyster API.

  • Send data from Oyster to your HRIS, system of record, and internal dashboards

  • Move payroll data from Oyster to your centralized system. Connect time-off data with your calendar and messaging apps.

  • Embed Oyster’s global employment capabilities into your software

For customers

Manage a global workforce effortlessly

Connect with your tech stack to smoothly run your global workforce. Automate transfer of payroll, time off and expenses data to tools of your choice, connect with your reporting software, auto-sync data of hires to maintain a source of truth.

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Unified employee data

No more back and forth from your system of record to your EOR. Get a single, comprehensive view of your workforce.

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Effortless payroll automation

Save time and avoid manual errors. Automate data transfer from Oyster to your payroll system for enhanced accuracy.

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Simplified expense management

Connect Oyster to your expense management software to streamline claims and reimbursement processes.

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Time-off management

Manage time off efficiently. Sync time off requests from Oyster to your time off tool and transfer time off status to your Oyster account.

For partners

Enable companies everywhere to hire anywhere

Enable your customers to hire and retain talent anywhere in the world—competitively and compliantly—right within your software. 

Fully embed Oyster’s capabilities into your software—hiring, payroll, employment intelligence and more.

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Hear from our partners

“Merge is thrilled to be adding Oyster to our unified API. Our customers can now easily integrate with Oyster, making it seamless for their customers to work with great talent, regardless of location. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner and team to work with.”

This is an image of Ally Fekaiki, CEO and founder of Juno

Shensi Ding

Co-founder, Merge

“With the Oyster API, we enable our customers to onboard their global teams in a few clicks and get a single view of all their people right within Zelt. This saves them tons of time and headaches and reduces manual data entry.”

This is an image of Ally Fekaiki, CEO and founder of Juno

Polina Vorms

Head of Product, Zelt

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